The Dangerous Mixture Of Religion And Politics

Religion is a topic that is of the utmost of sensitivity and would should rather be careful what they say regarding it. If you take any kind of stance towards any religion whether favorable or not, you are going to offend some group of people. This is doubly true for politicians, who have the unfortunate problem of everything that they say being held right under the strictest microscope. Anything which is said can be used as fuel to take down the reputation of the individual in question.

In the end, while religion is a huge part of the lives of many

American people, do not be blinded by religious views when choosing a leader for our country.

Religion is a Poor Qualification For a Leader Of Our Country

The reported Mormon leanings of one Mitt Romney have throw him right into the firing squad with people, who feel the need to state that since he is following "the wrong religion" then it would make him an unfit leader. Ignoring any qualifications and huge flaws, it seems that the religion aspect is a huge sticking point, when choosing the Presidential Election.

There have been whispers about our current President Barack Obama. Whispers that the fact that he may in fact follow Muslim leanings. Whether true or not, there is enough people who believe it to make a stir. Of course his enemies have used that as ammunition to tear him right down. And there is a largely ignorant part of the population who makes the connection of Muslim equals terrorist in the back of their minds.

Ignoring the very real fact that there have been Christian terrorists, Jewish terrorists, terrorists that who were atheist, and pretty much every single religion that can in fact be named.

Obama has flaws. Romney has flaws. Every single politician who has ran, is running, or ever will run for office will have flaws. And also they will have strengths.

Religion is an interesting concept when you truly think about it, pushing faith to the side for a minute

and really just look at things from a purely logical standpoint. No one can prove anything to be the one true ultimate faith, just like no one can prove that a certain faith is a complete falsehood either. Your religion is "the right one" if you believe strongly in the faith that you believe.

Just do not tear anyone else's beliefs down, because it will never end well. One must conclude that someone who tries to tear down the strength of the faith of others to ensure that their own beliefs is heard, must mean that their faith is not as strong as they would think.

The fact that there are many differing religions out there is both good and bad. Good in the sense that there are choices, for those to choose a faith that really speaks to what they want in life. Bad in the sense of the blood has shed with conflicting religions. Religion can be a very touchy and polarizing topic. So is politics. Mixing the two is just a disaster waiting to happen.

When you vote for anyone in any country, you should weigh all qualities and all flaws. If you completely live and die by the factor of what religion the candidate follows, it is a rather flimsy ground to vote on.

To put things in a clear and concise manner, the person who seems to be the most humble and follows their chosen religion to the letter, might not necessarily make the best leader.

Religion were always be a part of our world. As will politics. And both will spark arguments that will only end in tears.

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