Checklist Of Items Needed In Case Of A Natural Disaster

As many will know, emergencies will strike at the worst possible time. If they did not strike at the worst possible time, then they would not be called emergencies. There are a number items everyone should have on hand in case of a natural disaster.

Natural Disaster Preparation Checklist

First of all, this will most pertain to snow storms and huge thunderstorms that may knock the power out for several days. For other more serious storms such as hurricanes, some generate advice is to grab whatever important documents that you might have on hand at your house, such as birth certificates, deeds,

social security cards, and the like and evacuate as soon as possible, along with any money you have at hand.

When a tornado watch is issued, you should be prepared to head to a basement in an area where it does not have any windows. If you have a supply or storage room in your basement, that would be the best place to be with tornados.

Now in general, for storms where you may be forced to remain inside your house for more than a day, here is a checklist of items that you may find useful. Prepare a kit for an emergency and stash it in the general area where you may hole up in case of an emergency.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kits are always something that is first and foremost with a disaster. First aid kits containing bandages, anti-septics, and any general items that you may need in case of injuries happen during the disaster.

Bottled Water

Bottled water seems to be the safest bet, given that tap water may be polluted in some way during some natural disasters and barring that, it would be unwise to open the refrigerator if the power should be out, as it will spoil any food you have stored and cost you a lot of money.


Canned foods seem to be the obvious thing, bread and crackers would be simple and will do in a pinch. Also certain fruits that

don’t really need to be refrigerated such as raisins would be good. Pretty much anything that doesn’t necessarily need to be heated up or refrigerated, is good. Canned foods strictly speaking can be eaten cold, even if they are not the best tasting. When in an emergency, you’re in a pinch.

Blankets, Pillows and Change of Clothes

If you’re going to be stuck down in a basement throughout the night, you’re going to want to try to sleep and you might want an extra change of clothes.

Flashlight and An Extra Set of Batteries

Alternative you can have candles, but it may be more trouble than it is worth and another hazard. Therefore if the power goes out and there is any light that you need, a flashlight is essential, with batteries put in and also an additional change of batteries just in case.

A Battery Operated Radio and an Extra Set of Batteries

A radio will allow you to listen for any news about the disaster. Battery operated radio, with batteries, with an extra set of batteries, much like the flashlight you have down in your basement.

A Can Opener

Obviously if you choose to have canned goods in your emergency kit, you will need a non-electronic can opener to open those cans.

Emergencies can occur at any time, but you can limit the problems that come with a natural disaster by having these items, along with any others you might think will be useful to get you through a tight spot when disaster

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