Causes And Damage Of Hail

Many people around the world have looked out the weather and noticed that there was hail in the forecast. As it turns out, hail is not the most pleasant weather in the world to be caught out in. As a matter of act, there are a number of dangers that are caused by hail. Yet what is hail and what are some of the dangers hail causes? Hail is a dangerous storm, where it can be extremely risky to be caught out in it. Yet, there are times where it can hail, when people would think that rain or snow would
happen, instead, hail occurs. There would naturally need to be a reason why hail would occur, as opposed to rain or snow coming down. However, what is that one variable that causes hail? Hail is caused by an air mass that is unnatural unstable. There are often times where there is an extreme difference in the temperature throughout the

point where it drops right to the ground. Therefore, hail tends to be produced through that. Often times, it starts out as rain, but when there is cold air on the way to ground, with warmer air from above, it causes the hail to freeze, often times at the size of golf balls and land on the ground. A step above hail is frozen rain or sleet, as it is often commonly mistaken for hail. Sleet tends to happen only in the winter months however. When the air current rises, that is when hail is formed. It is not recommended that people go outside during the time of the hail storm, due to the fact that damage to automobiles, homes, and plants can be caused by hail storms. In the end, hail is potentially dangerous, and there are very precise weather conditions that require it. The strange quality of the air leads to this sometimes occurring weather.

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