Buttons That Do Nothing In Computer Programs

As hard as is to believe it, computer programmers are human. Of course there are times where mistakes are going to be made, that likely should not have, due to incompetent testing or lack of testing period. Sometimes you got to understand that complete morons will be using your program, so you have to test for every little single little thing when programming. However there are going be simply things that are going to fly under the testing radar. And most of the time, there are buttons that once the version is put out for public consumption, that don’t do


Buttons That Do Nothing in Computer Programming


Let’s face it, programmers have this grand vision in their head. Eventually the final product is going to release completion, everything is going to work as it should, but sometimes they are working under a clock. Corporate mandates that a certain version of a program must be completed by a certain date can strangle the quality of many programs.

Then there are buttons that are placed in, that simply do not work. Why might these buttons not work as well. Well a couple of reasons. For one, the code was done but there is some kind of minor error that completed it properly. As programmers know, one small typo can cause a functioning function to turn to a function that does not function .

Then there are times where buttons are put on the actual GUI(Graphical User Interface), but for some reason, time ran out before those functions can be coded properly. A simple mistake and hopefully it will be changed in future additions,

but perhaps that button should have been removed until the intended function was coded.

Buttons that do nothing can range from a minor nuisance to an absolute program breaker. There have been programs that I have seen in the past that have had an exit button but when you click on it, it seems like it does not do as it has labeled, exits the program. If there is that tiny “X” in the corner, no problem but there are a few programs that don’t have that “X”.

Then there are times where the function to actually save any progress for the application does not work. I don’t think you need a major in computer programming to figure out why that would break a program. There is no point in using a program that cannot save your progress, if there is a need for progress to be saved.

In the end, buttons that might not be able to do anything gives us great pause as we look at them but we can work around some of them. Others, it can really just make a pile of junk and if it is paid software, that can be much worse. It’s important to check your codes and to know that every button that you place on your GUI better work, as someone will press them.

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