Batman The Brave And The Bold Season 3 Episode 6 Time Out For Vengeance

It is now time for Season 3 Episode 6 of Batman the Brave and the Bold Time Out for Vengeance. I will take a look at this episode of Batman the Brave and the Bold that aired for the first time on United States television on Cartoon Network on September 23rd 2011 on Cartoon Network. Past and future versions of Batman are being eliminated by a mysterious foe, which leads to the present Batman disappearing and potentially being erased by all existence. Batman the Brave and the Bold Season 3 Episode 6 Time Out for Vengeance The teaser of this episode
featured the Creeper, one of the more lesser used characters in other super hero media and also one that I feel should be used a bit more often. That was a good appearance for the Creeper, showing up and assisting Batman, to get the win. Then we get to the main plot of the episode, where Batman just disappeared. So now Justice League International of the Martian Manhunter, Fire, Ice, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Aquaman, and Guy Gardner have to enlist the help of Rip Hunter to save all of the versions of Batman that are being wiped out of history. This includes prehistoric Batman, Roman Batman, and pirate Batman, sometimes you canít beat the classics. With these past versions of Batman being saved, it
appears that the mission is done. Or not, as it appears that when most of the team returns back to the present, they donít remember Batman. Which is really not a good sign to say the very least. So it appears that the temporal disturbance that caused Batman to be erased was not going from the past but rather the distant future. Therefore, this brings the entire Justice League International to the future, to save a Robot Batman from getting decimated. The person behind these attacks is our old enemy Equinox or at least a part of him. A part of him that has developed a thirst for vengeance when Batman took him down all the way back during Season 1. This thirst for vengeance appears to be the downfall for Equinox as the team manages to triumph, with the help of Robotic Future Batman and everything is restored. It is heavily hinted that there are other pieces of him out here, but there are going to not be any more Brave and the Bold after this season, which is a shame for sure. So I did enjoy this episode, mostly because of all of the different versions of Batman. Letís give this one a solid 7/10 rating. More Batman the Brave and the Bold Episode Reviews to Come.

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