Batman The Brave And The Bold Season 3 Episode 12 Four Star Spectacular

We are reaching the final curtain with Batman the Brave and the Bold, as we are on the second to last episode. Batman the Brave and the Bold Season 3 Episode 12 Four Star Spectacular features four short stories featuring Batman only playing a bit role in. This is episode 64 of Batman the Brave and the Bold, airing on Cartoon Network on November 4th 2011.

Batman the Brave and the Bold Season 3 Episode 12 Four Star Spectacular.

Since this episode had four separate stories, this review is going to consist of four separate mini reviews of each and every individual

episode, with their own rating. No teaser in this episode.

Adam Strange in Worlds War

Adam Strange is trying to get back home to give his interstellar sweetheart Allana the perfect gift. Unfortunately, Kajar Ro decides to muddle with the Zeta Beam technology and plans to blow up all organic life on the planet Rann. Some interesting planets through their trek through the nervous. Batman appeared for approximately five seconds out of this episode. Not too bad, kind of fun but not my favorite. 6/10 for this one.

The Flash in Double Jeopardy.

Batman is at the mercy of Captain Boomerang. Yet here comes the Flash to save the day. The Flash explains the encounter he had with Mirror Master and Abra Kadabra before then. I thought this episode had the best action and some quick thinking by the Flash to trick Abra Kadabra into thinking he was dead. My favorite out of the shorts. 7.5/10 for this one.

‘Mazing Man in Kitty Catastrophe.

You know how things might lose

points for some people for being too silly. Well this I think loses points for me for not being too silly enough. ‘Mazing Man(voiced by Tom Kenny, who you might know better as SpongeBob SquarePants), had his moments but I thought that he could have gotten a bit more grief from the cat. As opposed to none at all. It had its moments and ‘Mazing Man asked a question that I ask myself nearly every day. “What would Batman do?” You should put that on a bumper sticker. 4.5/10 for some moments.

The Creature Commandos in the War Time Forgot.

This one bored me a little bit. Dinosaurs can be cool but this just seemed like it was uninspired. Just kind of a letdown personally to me. 2/10 for this one. Not feeling it at all. And that was for Batman showing up and doing Batman things.

So yeah, for the penultimate episode of the show, this one a rather mixed bag. We don’t have a new episode for two weeks. I will be taking a look at the Green Lantern the Animated Series world premiere that will be airing next week. And then we conclude on November 18th with the Series Finale of Batman the Brave and the Bold, Mitefall. All good things must come to an end.

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