Batman The Animated Series Episode 8 The Forgotten

Its time for the review of Episode 8 of Batman:The Animated Series, Entitled the Forgotten. First airing on October 8th 1992 on FOX Network. It features Batman going under cover to try and discovery while some homeless people are getting kidnapped. He gets conked on the head and gets amnesia. Thus its up to Alfred to find Batman and save him.

Batman the Animated Series Episode 8 The Forgotten

The last two episodes, I admitted that I didn't like them when I was a child due to the lack of traditional Batman Villain but they held up slightly better. This one on

the other hand, just seemed rather weak to me in a lot of ways. I don't know what is it. Its essentially Homeless people getting kidnapped for labor, by some fat slob named Boss Biggis. Who most likely didn't make another apparence due to the fact that he likely had heart failure after this episode. Well that and he was a rather one note villain all things considered. This just didn't engage me as much as the Underdwellers or POV did.

The one highlight of this episode was Alfred flying the Batwing. Or rather trying to fly the Batwing. Its a

short part of the episode, but a rather funny one. Alfred pretty much arguing with the Batwing was high fun. They couldn't have picked a better voice actor than Efrem Zimbalist Jr as Alfred. Especially this exchange.



The highlight of this episode for sure. This episode is plagued with a few animation flubs and trust me, I don't normally notice these things, so when I notice them, there's bound to be trouble. Plus the villain wasn't all that interesting and that can often play somewhat of a roll. And there was some awkward pacing. I did also enjoy that despite his memory being lost, Batman never really lost his instincts.

In the end, I'm going to give the Forgotten a very charitable 4/10, for the bits that I mentioned.

In the next Episode, the Joker makes his return. All DCAU Reviews So Far

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