Batman The Animated Series Episode 58 Shadow Of The Bat Part Ii

It is now time to review Batman the Animated Series Episode 58 Shadow of the Bat Part II. In this episode, Batman, Robin, and Batgirl join forces to stop Gil Mason and Two Face, before Mason is installed as a corrupt Commissioner and Two Face consolidates the entire Gotham City criminal underworld under one leader, being him. Batman the Animated Series Episode 58 Shadow of the Bat Part II aired on September 14th 1993 on FOX.

Batman the Animated Series Episode 58 Shadow of the Bat Part II

I did enjoy this episode overall, as the plan was very straight forward, for

the most part other than one tiny little logical hole. Two Face, as Harvey Dent, had Gil Mason installed as Assistant Commissioner. For that to work, Dent would have to know that he would become Two Face, while he was District Attorney. Small thing it seems, but the other part of him, basically ratting out his rivals, while boosting Mason’s popularity and also causing Two Face to be the number one crime boss in Gotham was rather good.

So Two Face, decides that it would be best to kill Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. Also for Commissioner Gordon to be broken out of jail to drive his popularity rating down even further. By drowning them, as opposed to shooting them dead. Okay, fine, it allows the heroes to escape and get ready to foil Two Face’s


Gordon meanwhile is about to get offed, but Batgirl is in to save the day. Two Face and his gang are taken out by Batman and Robin and Batgirl goes after Gil Mason. To make a long story short, Gil Mason fights out that Batgirl is in fact Barbara Gordon. Of course, Mason gets conveniently knocked right into a coma, which eliminates that problem, thus causing me to knock about a point off of this episode.

The episode ends with the tease that we may indeed see Batgirl again someday. Oh I’m sure we will. Not until much later in this show however.

And this is the second two parter involving Two Face. I found that fact kind of amusing.

So this episode was action packed but there were a couple of problems I had it. The two partner overall was something that was rather well put together. This two part episode gets a 7.5/10 for me. You can watch Batman the Animated Series Episode 58 Shadow of the Bat Part II on Batman the Animated Series Volume 3 DVD and Batman the Animated Series the Complete Collection.

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