Batman The Animated Series Episode 49 I Am The Night

It is time to take a look at Batman the Animated Series Episode 49 I Am the Night. In this episode, Batman is trying to figure out his true worth to the people in Gotham City and his moody nature is not helped by a near tragedy, so he considers quitting being Batman. Batman the Animated Series Episode 49 I Am the Night aired on November 9th 1992

Batman the Animated Series Episode Episode 49 I Am the Night


In this episode, Commissioner Gordon gets shot and nearly dies. Now on to the review.

It is hard to remember sometimes that Batman

is human like the rest of us. He is not in the best state, given that his parents were shot in front of him when he was eight years old. He spends night after night fighting some dangerous people. He dedicates himself to fighting a battle that might never be won, against the criminal elements of one of the most crime ridden cities in the United States. He fights knowing full well that eventually one of these people he fight could knock him off. It could be the Joker, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, the Scarecrow, anybody, or it could be some random faceless thug that just hits Batman in the right place with a one in a trillion shot.

So you can guess why this would cause a person’s mental psyche to be slightly scrambled. Batman is in the Batcave, not in the best of states to begin with, as things are causing him to mentally falter. However, he has one of those days, where pretty much everything bad that can go wrong is.

1) One of the criminals, in this cage the Penguin, gets a conviction overturned.

2) It is the anniversary of the death of his parents.

3) Batman has to save someone from a mugging. Said victim was not too appreciative and to put things bluntly, a disrespectful little punk.

4) One of the thugs scatters the roses left for his parents.

So things are not going well for Batman, as he is late for a raid to capture a criminal known as the Jazzman. He manages

to stop the Jazzman, but not before Commissioner Gordon is shot and critically wounded.

That is really powerful stuff when a popular iconic character gets shot and nearly dies. And that is the straw that finally broke the Bat, as one of his closest allies on the Gotham City Police Force is near death and…to say Batman is upset would be putting it mildly.

Charting Batman’s angst in this episode would be somewhere between Spider-Man and Harry Potter shouting all in capital letters.

Batman severely contemplates quitting. He wonders if all of what he does is for nothing. I think that is a road that many come in their line of work when you really think of it, where you wonder if what you’re doing is really worth it or a waste of time. The Jazzman escapes from prison and Batman isn’t ready to do it, but Robin is willing to go alone if Batman won’t, thus putting himself in danger, so Batman snaps out of it and does the Batman thing.

Needless to say, Batman manages to defeat the Jazzman and learn a lesson that I think deep down that he knew, but had to be reinforced. There might be dark days, but the world will be darker, if there was no Batman, he might not be the hero that the world wants, but the world needs, to paraphrase a bit from the Dark Knight. Commissioner Gordon pulls through and all is well.

9/10 for a rather strong and thought provoking episode. You can watch Batman the Animated Series Episode 49 I Am the Night on Batman the Animated Series Volume 2 DVD set or Batman the Animated Series the Complete Collection.

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