Batman The Animated Series Episode 42 Tyger, Tyger

It is now time to take a look at Batman the Animated Series Episode 42 Tyger, Tyger, where a mad scientist named Emil Dorian tries to turn Selina Kyle into an actual cat woman as a mate for his humanoid cat named Tygrus. Batman has to step in and save the day. Batman the Animated Series Episode 42 Tyger, Tyger aired for the first time on FOX on October 30th 1992.

Batman the Animated Series Episode 42 Tyger, Tyger


Well, after the last episode, this one looked like Dreams of Darkness or If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich as

per quality standards. Now on its own it is a middling episode, but hey, a middling episode is far better than a bad episode. It’s better to live in the ghetto than live in at a garbage dump, wouldn’t you think?

Now, however, this is one of those episodes where you can pretty much sum everything up about this episode rather quickly, there are a couple of interesting bits of trivia. Selina Kyle, Catwoman, as you recall has been kidnapped by a humanoid gorilla. Already this is sounding like some of my fan fiction that I wrote when I was twelve, although a slightly more PG rated version if it. Emil Dorian, your friendly neighborhood mad scientist, turns Selina into an actual cat woman for a mate for his humanoid cat creation. Batman, the meddling pointy eared flying rodent that he is, gets involved.

A lot of this episode, does play perils to the famous movie, the Island of Doctor Moreau and you might also recognize Batman quoting a bit from the William Blake poem, the Tyger, a poem that you might remember

from High School Literature class.

There was a nice chase sequence between Batman and Tygrus for their duel for Selina, so to speak. I did like the fact that it was pointed out that while Dorian promised the antidote, there was no indication that he was telling the truth. Which is what you’d expect from the bad guy. Batman gets one of the most awesome, yet meanest lines, when Tygrus refers to Dorian as his father.

“Your father was a test tube.”

Yikes, Bats, that was low. As it turns out, Tygrus turns face and helps out, giving Selina the antidote, but remaining on the island for all eternity as we never seen him again.

So yeah, this episode was not too bad, but not one that would be one of the all time greats. 5/10 which is the likely score for a middling episode. You can watch Batman the Animated Series Episode 42 Tyger, Tyger on Batman the Animated Series Volume 2 and Batman the Animated Series the complete collection.

And for the record, the next episode sucks even worse than the one I reviewed before this one. So there will be venom and carnage(but not Venom and Carnage, those pesky symbiotes), when I review Moon of the Wolf, an episode so bad that it will make you howl at the moon in rage.

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