Batman The Animated Series Episode 36 Cat Scratch Fever

It is now time to take a look at Batman the Animated Series Episode 36 Cat Scratch Fever where in this episode, Selina Kyle/Catwoman returns, with Roland Dagget with his latest nefarious scheme to put some money in his pocket, by infecting strays all around Gotham City with a disease, that only his company would have the cure for. As per usual, Batman gets involved with this. Batman the Animated Series Episode 36 Cat Scratch Fever aired on November 6th 1992.

Batman the Animated Series Episode 36 Cat Scratch Fever.


This episode, while not absolutely blowing chunks, was not a very

good episode. I think that there were a handful that were worse, but it was not good. Catwoman’s second appearance in particular, with one of the most iconic antagonists in Batman history, just getting such a poor plot and animated episode, for the second time around. Cat and the Claw had its flaws but I think Cat Scratch Fever was worst.

They dig up Daggett again, who really is rather uninspiring this time. Trying to frame Bruce Wayne and then trying to blow up a part of Crime Alley for developmental purposes, but his little animal plague really just seemed to be an uninspiring scheme. It was just a plot device to bring Catwoman into the episode, when he kidnapped and infected her cat Isis and she gets scratched.

We also have Professor Milo, a rather obscure but older Batman villain, who works for Daggett. He looks to have gone to the same barber as Moe from the Three Stooges. Milo

was not a good villain in this cartoon but the next episode he was in, might be one of the worst in the entire animated series.

The biggest complaint I have in this episode is the scene where Batman falls through the ice. Milo and the other employee of Daggett walk right into the ice like morons, onto thin ice, where Batman can easily pull them under and incapacitate them. If you have Batman, you keep shooting at him from the edge. You don’t walk across the ice where he can grab you.

This episode just bored me. There were a couple of good lines, but really, a couple of good lines out of a twenty two minute episode does not make for a good episode and when you add in flaws with the animation and flaws with the plot and the stupidity of the villains walking on thin ice where Batman can grab them. 2/10 for this episode. I don’t know why you would want to, but you can watch Batman the Animated Series Episode 36 Cat Scratch Fever on Batman the Animated Series Volume 2 and Batman the Animated Series the complete collection. They can't all be good and they can be worse but we'll cross that bridge soon enough. All DCAU Reviews So Far

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