Batman The Animated Series Episode 21 Feat Of Clay Part 2

Time to take a look at Batman the Animated Series Episode 21 Feat of Clay Part II. This is the second part of the origin of Clayface. This episode of Batman the Animated Series first aired on September 9th 1992 on the FOX Network. Batman the Animated Series Episode 21 Feat of Clay Part II I thought that this episode did a good job at filling in the backstory of Matt Hagen/Clayface and his desperation which caused him to make a deal with Daggett for the Renuyu. The Renuyu that turned him into a monster but it appears that the
shape shifting properties have in fact been amplified. At least for a few minutes but itís like flexing a muscle pose in the sense that he canít hold it long. The only thing that he can do is gain some unholy revenge on Roland Daggett in the form of his grisly murder. Batman is released, stopping another attempt on the life of Lucius Fox by Daggettís henchmen Germs, who is deathly afraid of germs interestingly enough and much to his horror, gets trapped in a closet with potentially deadly diseases, which Batman uses to his advantage, and learns some information, but just before Germs spills, Clayface, disguised as a police officer jumps in and tries to take Germs away. Batman, being Batman, detects this ruse right away. Then we have a fight between Batman and Clayface and Clayface is such a fun villain to use for fight scenes due to the nature of his powers. Then we get a good fight, but Clayface slips away. Then Clayface goes for Daggett, disguised as
a woman. Talking about the harmful side effects, the horrible pain, the addictive properties, ďWHY DONíT YOU TELL THEM ABOUT ME!Ē as he shifts into his Clayface form, really kind of disturbing scene. Batman saves Daggett, even though he quite frankly doesnít deserve it all that much but Batmanís the hero and thatís how he rolls. Batman tricks Hagen into turning into all of his movie roles, turning him into a muddled mess, that he canít control. The police officers see him turn briefly into Bruce Wayne, thus concluding that Bruce Wayne didnít commit the crime that he was committed form. Then Clayface dies. The rapid shapeshifting was kind of grisly and it freaked me out a little when I was a child. Itís still a powerful and kind of disturbing scene no matter what your age is. Or does he? As it turns out, heís an actor foremost, thus his death was merely a scene. As it turns out there is a hint that Hagen/Clayface is still out there. A rather dark episode in many ways. The first part from an animation standpoint is rather weak but the second part more than makes up with it. Iíll give this two part episode a 6.5/10. You can watch Batman the Animated Series Episode 22 Clayface Part 2 on Batman the Animated Series Volume 1 DVD or the Complete Batman the Animated Series DVD set. All DCAU Reviews So Far

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