Batman The Animated Series Episode 17 See No Evil

It is now time to delve right into Batman the Animated Series Episode 17 See No Evil. In this episode, Batman is after a felon who uses an experimental suit that makes himself invisible and has used said technology to commit theft. Things get rather more serious, when the felon, Lloyd Ventrix kidnaps his daughter from his estranged wife and the suit may be making Ventrix unstable. Despite this episode being the 17th episode produced, it was the 56th episode to air on FOX on February 24th 1993. You can watch this episode on either Batman the Animated Series Volume

1 DVD set or the complete Batman the Animated Series DVD set. Let’s dive into what may in fact be an episode that has some rather sinister implications and could potentially drive home a point of a real fear that parents have regarding what could happen to their children.

Batman the Animated Series Episode 17 See No Evil


Given some of the subject matter, this is a very dark episode. This episode started with little Kimberly Ventrix being visited by her invisible friend, “Mojo”, which her mother doesn’t take all that seriously to heart at first. I mean, lots of little kids talk to imaginary friends within their room. It is an overactive imagination thing, a kid thing, that innocent time where we are a lot more trusting and a lot less skeptical.

That can be a wonderful thing but it can be a rather bad thing. Every parent’s fear is their child being kidnapped and God only knows what is being done is being done to them in the meantime. That nice smiling man on the street could be a danger for your child. Children are a lot more trusting and a lot less likely to really question why this nice man or woman is offering them a ride out of the blue. You can’t watch your children every second and that fear is obviously something that is real.

Now bringing this one step forward, divorces and parents splitting up is a dirty business. But there are times where divorce is done for the good of the child, when one is unstable and thus it puts the child in danger. Yet, those types of parents who are unfit and dangerous to parent are often the most obsessive and controlling type. They don’t take not ever seeing their children rather badly, in fact considering them to be little more than property that they need to reclaim.

There are all kinds of stories out their where a parent who has been ordered not to be anywhere near their child by the courts swiping their child from the schoolyard, their front yard, or even walking inside the house and just picking up the child in a second of inattention. Its kidnapping at its most diabolical.

And imagine if that parent had a suit of invisibility that can get into the house of the child in question at any time without you seeing. As you open the door to bring the groceries in, they can walk in. This brings us back around to this episode, as our scumbag father of the year, Lloyd Ventrix through his experimental suit is visiting his daughter, unknowing, under the guise of an

imaginary friend. And doesn’t take it well when he finds out she and her mother are moving away. Then again, who wouldn’t want to get away from Gotham City when you had the chance? With people like the Joker, Scarecrow, Two Face, various gangsters, and anyone else, that really isn’t a fit place to live.

And given his ex-wife’s reaction to seeing Lloyd in this episode, I do wonder what happened in the past. He says he turns over a new leaf and can provide for them but the way he has turned over this new leaf is by his invisibility suit and petty thievery.

Which draws the obvious attention of Batman. Obviously as this is his show and all of that. Batman traces the suit to the source, and it is revealed that electricity causes light to retract around the suit, instead of reflect, thus maintaining the illusion of invisibility. Oh but there is one small problem, that being that this process makes the plastic highly toxic.

Batman pieces together the truth of the imaginary friend as well because he’s Batman but it’s too late, as every parent’s worst fear has come true, their child being kidnapped. Thankfully Batman saves the day. The child gets out of harm’s way and Ventrix takes this very badly, trying to down Batman in a car.

Batman manages to disable the suit and then he thrashes Ventrix something fierce. As you’ll remember from the Sewer King Episode, Batman doesn’t take too kindly to anyone who puts children in danger and Ventrix becomes well acquainted with a Bat Beatdown.

Cute scene at the end with Kimberly telling Batman that her mother and her are moving away.

This episode is kind of overlooked a lot of the time because it doesn’t have a traditional Bat villain in it but it does deal with some rather dark and real issues as I’ve discussed throughout this review. I thought that this was an interesting episode. Especially when you start reading between the lines and really start thinking about the character motivations of the main villain. And it does take a special type of scumbag to play off of the innocence of a young child, especially when said child is your daughter. 8/10 for this episode. I doubt an episode like this would be greenlighted today. Too many standards and practices hoops to jump through. And Batman working out how to disable the invisibility suit was the brilliant moment that you’d expect from Batman, followed by a righteous dose of Bat justice in this episode. The themes of this episode makes it rather realistic and rather dark. All DCAU Reviews So Far

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