Batman The Animated Series Episode 10 Two Face Part 1

Time to take a look at the tenth episode of Batman the Animated Series, Entitled Two Face Part. Batman the Animated Series Episode 10 Two Face Part One first aired on FOX on September 25th 1992 and was the first part of the first two parter of the series produced. Interesting enough, the first two partner featured the origins of Two Face. Let's continue our slow but steady trek through the DCAU and take a look at this episode.

Batman the Animated Series Episode 10 Two Face Part One

This episode features the third appearance of Harvey Dent, who showed up in

on Leather Wings, agreeing to prosecute Batman if the Gotham City PD apprehended him. Then he was engaged to be married to Pamela Isly who turned out to be of course Poison Ivy. That engagement did not end too well, as Pamela tried to kill Harvey Dent. Over killing a rare species of flower. That happened in Poison Ivy's first episode, Pretty Poison.

This episode was a pretty solid first part, but the way things work is I don't want to give a grade without looking at both of the parts together. Of course there's bound to be a lot of times where one part is slightly weaker than the other. So anyway, let's delve into Batman The Animated Series Episode 10 Two Face Part One.

This is a pretty solid set up for a second part first of all. Harvey Dent is up for reelection of District Attorney of Gotham City. Also he's engaged to be married to a young woman named Grace, who is not an eco-terrorist bent on killing him over accidentally having a flower destroyed. Which is really all we can ask for in a relationship. He's also trying to put Rupert Thorne away, one of the premier mob bosses in Gotham City. Thorne is always up something nasty, but they can never find sufficient evidence to put him away.

Harvey Dent has a dark side however, a split personality, that is rearing its ugly head at the worst possible time. The split personality is known as "Big Bad Harv". Now this origins of this split personality is softened for a children's cartoon.

In the cartoon, it was because Dent kept his anger in. In the comic books, it was because his father beat him. Which also allowed for another quirk that surfaced later, but we'll get that.

You'll find that parental abuse is one of the most common cause of why many of Batman's villains are kind of off of their rocker. Many think that it was a cheap and overused plot point.

Harvey is trying to deal with his issues in therapy. Bruce Wayne commends him for taking the step. There is some kind of comment to be made about how a man who spends his nights dressed as a giant bat could potentially need some time in therapy as well, but that's another debate for another time. Bruce also comments that he is good at keeping secrets, which was a nice touch.

I did like the scene in the therapist's office where there was a shadow of what Harvey Dent was to come.

Thorne of course is black mailing Harvey Dent, having gotten a look at his records. The only problem, is that he is talking to the wrong Harvey, as Big Bad Harv surfaces, and beats up Thorne's men. Batman shows up to save Dent. Not all that much Batman in this episode, this is more about the descent of Harvey Dent. However, Batman is unable to save Dent from an explosion that scars half of his face.

We end with Dent asking for a mirror and seeing the damage done. Much like the Joker in the 1989 Batman movie. Thus gives birth to the Batman villain known as Two Face.

The first half of this episode was pretty good, but two is the magic number for Two Face. Batman the Animated Series Two Face Part Two will be looked at shortly. All DCAU Reviews So Far

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