Batman The Animated Series The Cat And The Claw Part Ii

It is now time to take a look at Batman the Animated Series Episode 16, The Cat and the Claw Part II. This is part two of a two part episode that featured the debut of Catwoman along with Red Claw. Batman the Animated Series Episode 16 The Cat and the Claw Part II aired on September 12th 1992 for the first time.

Batman the Animated Series Episode 16 The Cat and the Claw Part II


In the early part of this episode, Batman goes face to face with Red Claw, finding out that Red Claw is a woman. Of course,

Batman is an equal opportunity crime fighter, so he goes after Red Claw. However, it is revealed that Red Claw and her men have stolen a canister containing a plague. Red Claw is willing to blow herself up to accomplish her goals, like your average card carrying terrorist.

A lot of this episode was weak in parts, but I do admit, the dynamic between Batman and Catwoman, and by extension, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle was also spot on. There was some decent enough detective work by Batman as usual. There were a lot of problems with animation in this episode and it was actually redone, but they could not fine tune it in time.

Although Red Claw did have an interesting plan, in releasing a fake plague into Gotham to trick them into paying

out, while leaving the real plague behind because of the danger it presented, was kind of interesting. That is the great underhanded move that I expect from my villains.

I’m also going to just shake my head and admit that I don’t much about science. Using fire to dispose of a deadly plague, especially one of the nature of the plague used in this episode might have not been the smartest plan in the world. Then again, Batman knew what he was doing. Batman and Catwoman manage to fight off Red Claw and her men and save the day.

The episode ended with Batman arresting Catwoman, albeit reluctantly. Doing the right thing doesn’t exactly feel right but Batman has to uphold the law regardless of how much help he got. It sets a dangerous precedent otherwise.

Now how to rate this episode, really it wasn’t a bad episode by any means but there were many glaring weaknesses with it. There will be far worse episodes. 4/10 for this entire two part episode. The series was going through a few growing pains during these early parts. All DCAU Reviews So Far

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