Bad News (poem)

Bad news is just a part of life. None of us like to hear it. Yet, we cannot help being intrigued by it. One might compare it to some horrific accident. Awful for sure, but yet a part of us cannot look away. We have long since acknowledged the world sadly will always have corruption, hatred, and just suffering for fellow humans. It is a fundamental flaw in our DNA, and one that cannot be overcome despite our best efforts. It does give us hope that there are some decent people out there. Yet, this poem celebrates(if you can call

it that), the worst news that can come to us.

Bad News(Poetry).

The sands of time unwind.
The words we hear, we wish we could rewind.
To a time of innocence, of a time of bliss.
A time where we could not be burdened by this.
Yet there is way too much suffering today.
It is much more than we could say.

Wars take place.
It puts a grimace on our face.
The sickness, the suffering, the just plain hate.
We do have to wonder, is this truly our fate?
The world can have some joy.
Yet, with the emotions, boy those who run the news do toy.
When we hear about the latest government scandal.
We can hardly get a handle.
Just how bad the news can be.
It is something that we cannot stop, can't you see.

We hold

out that things will get much better, they have to.
Yet, more news through, and we just wish it was through.
Suffering will happen, people may die.
The sorrow makes us want to cry.
That's all we seem to focus on this day.
That is all that the news media seems to play.
Bad news, it really gets the gold.
No matter how much we complain, it will never get old.

Does it have to be this way?
No, we cannot say.
To sense a darkness within us all.
How much more will it fall.
As long as we keep watching, they'll keep feeding it to us.
That really is not a plus.
We cannot pull ourselves away.
Just hope and just pray.
Someday the world will heal.
And we can get the better end of a deal.

Bad news backs us into a corner.
We continue to drown in our sorrow, like a doomsday mourner.
Just open your eyes, and read the score.
Can we take more more?
It is hard to say.
Perhaps the bad news will be here to stay.


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