Avengers 265 Review

Dipping into the really big comic book box of Doom and pulling out a random comic book, we have "Eve of Destruction" which is Issue #265 of the Avengers. In this comic book, the Beyonder attacks the team of the Avengers, and the earth's mightiest heroes seem to be unable to stop the super powered entity.

Avengers Issue 265 Review

Avengers Issue 265 was released by Marvel Comics, with a cover date of March 1986 titled "Eve of Destruction." Avengers 265 was written by Roger Stern, penciled by John Buscema, Inked by Tom Palmer, Colored by Christie Scheele, and Lettered by Jim

Novak. This is part of the Secret Wars II event by Marvel Comic Books.

Secret Wars, a series of comic books in the 1980s that put select heroes and villains on a planet, with an entity known as the Beyonder. It was a nice little concept, made to sell both toys and comic books. It also introduced Spider-Man's black costume, which naturally would lead the way for one of Spidey's most famous threats, Venom.

It was a nice concept. Until they did the sequel. And it was not such a nice concept.

That is the thing with any kind of entertainment medium, where something works once so they sequel it to the point where it does not work.

As this issue was, not too bad. The Avengers team at this point were Black Knight, Hercules, Captain Marvel, Captain America, and Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Talk about your rag tag group but given that various other known Avengers team members were elsewhere at this point, it was the one that we got.

The Beyonder brought along some rather cool visuals but do cool visuals make a comic book? I fall into the camp that it can help a mediocre story just a little bit but some would digress.

And the Beyonder has rather high aims. One team of heroes is not enough, he must wipe out the entire multi-verse. An odd coincidence was that this issue was released after the DC Comics big comic book crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths where an entire multiverse was wiped out in favor of just one Earth.

Again I just find that rather curious.

The team was characterized rather well for what they were. I just thought the Beyonder was just too generic, of a world conqueror villain. I vaguely remember reading Secret Wars II years ago and being rather underwhelmed. Its not that bad but it's not that good either.

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