Alot Is Not A Word

One of the most common grammatical/spelling errors is the word “alot”. A lot of people use “alot” but they are using a word that simply does not exist. It is just one of those things that has been put into our minds. Microsoft Word autocorrects the world, yet people are surprised when Word does autocorrect “alot.” They wonder why, not knowing that this is not a word that exists in the English language.

It’s not “a lot”, it’s “a lot”.

When one things about it, there are a lot of rules of grammar and English language that do not simply make

a lot of sense. Of course, I’d imagine that the same was true for any language. Yet I’m sure that there are many little errors that if you ask nine hundred and ninety nine out of one thousand people about, they would really not know about them. “Alot” would be one of those words that would be right up there with things that people do not know that they are incorrect.

The proper usage of this word is a lot. It is two simple words. Not one. I remember being taken to task by an

English teacher when I was in grade school about using this word. It was something that stuck with me. Of course, I have not used a lot, a lot, during my time. Trust me when I say that there are numerous times where when you are a writer, there will be words that you will abstain from using, because they just really do not work all that well within the context of your writing. Even if you do not realize that at the time.

The funniest thing is that “alot” was trending on Google this morning. Quite the accomplishment for an improper usage of a word to be trending on Google, wouldn’t you think?

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